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What the hell is Soul Reaper: Unreap Commander?

Soul Reaper: Unreap Commander is an asynchronous multiplayer version of Soul Reaper, focusing on monster team building as well as Soul Reaper’s signature fast turn-based combat, and loot and souls systems. Alpha is scheduled for release in January for PC and potentially mobile too. Try Soul Reaper: Rise of the Unreaps here.

Assemble teams of Unreaps and train them against pre-defined challenges, or compete online against other players' teams and earn epic loot and souls!

Some games that Soul Reaper might remind you of are...

  • Pokemon: (Once you're hooked on soul-collecting, you'll wanna reap 'em all)
  • Diablo: (Loot with more stats than you can shake a '+50% stick-shaking' stick at)
  • Final Fantasy: (Side view turn-based combat)
  • Castlevania: Aria/Dawn of Sorrow (Kill monsters, get souls!)

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